The following is a list of gear I currently use and proudly endorse...



1964 v6-Stage

The 1964 V6-Stage is an extremely coherent and 3-dimensional 6-driver custom in ear monitor. Its rich, spacious and detailed sound presentation is sure to make it a new standard for stage, studio and everyday music listening. Like all 1964 Ears custom IEMs, the V6-Stage monitors are inherently noise canceling and are designed to work well with a wide range of personal audio devices as well as all wired and wireless monitor systems.

Do you have used or new strings that are lying around and doing nothing? Instead of trashing your old strings, you can join the growing list of string donors that include myself, Liam Wilson of Dillinger Escape Plan, and James Valentine of Maroon 5, and many others and donate your used strings to them so they can get them to underprivileged kids, aspiring musicians, and pros who live in countries like Cuba where strings just aren’t available.  Click on the “We Need Strings” banner for more info.