I started playing guitar in church at the age of thirteen and it wasn’t until I was twenty-seven that I considered switching over to bass only because a friend was setting up a “Christian Salsa” band and was in need of a bass player.

On guitar I was influenced by the sounds of Al DiMeola and George Benson. However, since switching to bass, those influences quickly switched over to the great sounds of Ruben Rodriguez, John Benitez, and Oskar Cartaya  just to name a few.

My interests grew as I played with Christian Salsa bands like Orquesta La Gloria de Cristo and Orquesta Inspiracion and listened to bands like Eliezer Espinoza, Orquesta Xariz, Orquesta Rubi,  Richie Rey and Bobby Cruz and David and Abraham.

My musical influences cover a wide range, partly because of my respect for other cultures/genres. I am also inspired by all Bass players I hear. Some people would use names like Victor Wooten, Jeff Berlin, Marcus Miller, etc., and don’t get me wrong I do listen to their music and respect their musicianship very much also. However, the bass players I’m referring to are the ones that I have had the honor and pleasure of sitting down with and spending quality time with, i.e., Ruben Rodriguez, Danny Hernandez, Joshua Lozada and Hector Ostolaza. These musicians offered their friendship as well as their musical knowledge freely. (Thank you guys!)

I’ve been fortunate to play in many rewarding musical settings in various genres. Country, Funk, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Reggae, Latin, Contemporary Christian and Gospel, etc. Spiritually my most rewarding opportunity arose when I got the chance to meet, and was invited to play with one of my favorite Christian Salsa bands Orquesta Xariz. I was so honored to be invited to play with such an anointed group and even more anointed leaders in Ruben and Wanda Felix. (Love you guys!) Looking forward to future opportunities..

My current aspirations are to venture out to the Jeff Berlin’s Players School of Music in Clearwater Fla. to continue my pursuit of a better education in music and sit down and pick the brains of Jeff and company.

Thanks for your time and interest.

Keep it LOW!

Rich Rodriguez

Rich is currently the bass player for:

Nashville Artist Tracy DeLucia & Band

Orquesta Carmesi

Transformation Church, Middletown NY

and substitutes as the bassist for Dangling Success